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it's not about the span of time you spend with someone, it's about the beautiful memories you shared with them. If he/she is worth fighting for be with them else move forward life has hundred reason to live.


Hold the hockey and Hit on his face. Girls are not only equal but they are also getting better than boys. Do what your heart says, Good day.


Instead of requesting God to come back, let's make our earth more beautiful as it was earlier. Have you ever think what we have done to our earth, you are saying that people are dying, I'm saying yes they will die and we all will die. People are fighting for no reason, even though they know that in the end no one is going to get anything, what's left is our good things which we have done and blessings. I thank god for every single second he gave it to me.


Good, don't lose hope, better try to be more and more with friends and family, they will help you a lot. Because only love can be a heal for love.

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