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Quotes About America
Quotes about America
Saturday, May 25
A democrat is anyone who believes in the idea of democracy, i.e. “A government of the people, for the people, by the people.” A democrat staunchly believes in democracy. Democrats believe that the people should have complete say and discretion in choosing the government or leader of their choice. They exercise their discretion by polling or casting votes in the favour of their favourite leader, who contest an election for a particular post. In the words of Thomas E. Mann, “A healthy degree of party unity among democrats and republicans has deteriorated into bitter partisan warfare.” Democrats are not in favour of autocracy where the power lies in the hands of the leader, who dominates over the entire nation. Democracy has been advocated as a form of government worth dying for, one of the best that ever came into existence. In the words of Anne Northup, “A large family and democrats have a lot in common. Teenagers and democrats are always busy spending other people's money.”