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Quotes About Bad Friends
Quotes about Bad_Friends
Tuesday, February 20
Depressing implies something saddening or causing pain. Depressing things do happen and one does face adversities and challenges repeatedly in one’s life. Testing circumstances take their toll at times and one becomes a victim of depression. Several circumstances such unemployment, break-up, loneliness etc. can cause depression. However, the remedy to cure one’s depression lies in the hands of the individual. He/she can cry and feel miserable about it or take the depressing situation head on, face it valiantly and try coming out on top. Winners never quit and quitters never win. The hallmark of a successful person is that he knows how to overcome and face depressing times. Depressing situations and times test and mould one’s character. Rock-solid people steer their way through adversities and conflicting situations with an evergreen smile on their faces, even when they have worm-like grieves gnawing at their very existence. In a nutshell, the key to face a depressing situation is to face it head-on.