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Quotes About Being A Mom
Quotes about Being_A_Mom
Thursday, May 23
Being a father is a huge responsibility. As a father, he is the patriarchal head of the family. The onus of bringing in money or being the "breadwinner" of the family also lies on the shoulders of a father. Fathers may or may not receive support from their partners in running the family. Mothers are supposedly caretakers of the family and spend maximum time in raising their children. But this does not imply that being a father, you should do away with the responsibility of spending time with your children and playing a pivotal role in their upbringing. Being a father, you should also try getting close to your child and take an active part in his upbringing process and enlightening him, when the situation demands. You should be like a friend to your child and go on outings and excursions together. Having a child is a blessing and raising the child well is a responsibility that lies on your shoulders. Do not shy from the same and play your role well.