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Quotes About Being Happy
Quotes about Being_Happy
Sunday, May 19
Satisfaction- there is no yardstick to measure satisfaction as it entirely depends upon the perspective of each person. What seems to be a full satisfaction for one person may be a meager for another. So, it all depends upon our mentality and approach. “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory’ said Indira Gandhi. It is hard to find a person who has attained full satisfaction in life because our wishes are endless. If we cultivate the habit of feeling satisfied with things that are within our reach, there will not be any disappointments. “Learn to be satisfied. It is just as easy as being dissatisfied and much more pleasant “are the words said B Jacon de Jager. Nature has given us so much to satisfy every man’s need and not every man’s greed. So, be satisfied with what you have and lead a contended life.