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Quotes About Being In Love With Your Best Friend
Quotes about Being_In_Love_With_Your_Best_Friend
Saturday, September 22
A secret love is a love that two people share that is kept secret, and not made aware to anyone except for those who the couple chooses to let know. A secret love is an exciting yet mysterious love and it has it’s pros and cons. Some positive things about a secret love relationship are that things between the two lovers will pretty much always be fun and exciting since they both have to sneak around, and can’t really explicitly tell their close friends or family members . This may also be a negative aspect of a secret love relationship since you can not really turn to a friend or someone that you trust for advice, because you haven’t even made them aware of your newly found relationship. Another pro would be secret love relationships usually enjoy heavy physical attraction in the beginning, but overtime as this grows into more of an emotional attraction as well things tend to become more complicated, as one can’t really express to the people that are close to him/her how that secret someone is making them happy.