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Quotes About Being Jealous
Quotes about Being_Jealous
Tuesday, May 21
A Boyfriend is an unavoidable person in a girl’s life. Some take it as a pastime but some take them seriously and develop into a long lasting friendship and relationship. When the relationship becomes more serious, emotional and intimate, it is difficult part and the pain that comes with the separation is unbearable. But boyfriends come along with a lot of charm, emotion and there are numerous quotes that dignify their presence in a girl’s life. One such quote says, “ I love you not because of who you are but because of who I am when I am with you “ this more or less is the embodiment of total surrender or total love and affection for the boy friend. Some flirting girls take boyfriends just as a short time friend but when physical or emotional attachment is not present, it does not cause any harm to both the persons concerned. Here are a few sayings on boy friends which you can send them to your boyfriend to show how much you have a special place for him in your heart.