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Quotes About Being Proud
Quotes about Being_Proud
Monday, December 9
Success does not happen overnight it is the result of continuance endurance and hard work. People who have tasted success will like to taste it again and again. Success is a combination of thoughts, words and actions. Luck has no role to play in success. Only hard work pays. If at all luck plays a role it is only temporary. Aristotle says, “It is possible to fail in many ways while for success it is possible only in one way”. Hurdles and failures are the stepping stones to success and from failure to failure we have to proceed with unquenched enthusiasm and zeal to attain success in our endeavours. Arnold Glasgow gives the simplest route to success thus” success is simple. Do what’s right the right way at the right time”. There are numerous quotes that are highly inspirational and motivating in attaining success. Read them and share with your friends and others.