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Quotes About Being Who You Are
Quotes about Being_Who_You_Are
Monday, May 27
Everyone has his or her own style and this uniqueness is what gives style the charm. It is better not to imitate others style to remain apart from the crowd. Even if the style is not the latest or the most flamboyant, the uniqueness will give it a great attraction. Gore Vidal emphasizes, “style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn “. It needs a lot of courage to look, say and behave what you think is right for you. There is a subtle difference between fashion and style. Fashion is temporary while style is permanent. Fashion will be followed by a majority f the people and forgotten in course of time but style is confined to one individual and remains so. The style of writing is inherent and cannot be purchased and is a reflection of the character of the self. So, it does not need great efforts to show style because it is almost being natural. Here is a collection of quotes on style given by people belonging to various fields. Read them and share them.