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Quotes About Cheating Boyfriend
Quotes about Cheating_Boyfriend
Sunday, September 22
This is the outburst when two people part each other when their opinions and tastes differ. What once seemed to be an inseparable and long lasting bondage would have suddenly turned into hate. At one point of time, they will realize that they are better off without each other. So, it is the best thing that could happen when there is no compromise on the feelings, emotions and tastes. “I think we are speaking different languages and we do not understand each other. There is no one to blame. We just accept things in different ways. I am sorry I couldn’t make you happy. I wanted to but I am sure you will find a better partner than me. I want you to be happy”. This is the confession of a lover and seems to be the most decent way of parting when it is inevitable. Read these quotes on better off without you; they make sense