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Quotes About Clever Facebook Status
Quotes about Clever_Facebook_Status
Sunday, November 18
It is not difficult to find love but it is difficult to find true love. If at all you find love, don’t fail to preserve it because love is not an object to lose it and find it again. It is eternal and once in a life time happening. This is the essence of true love. D h Lawrence says, “Those that go searching for love only manifest their own loveless ness. And the loveless never find love only the loving finds love. And they never have to seek for it “. But once you find love the search becomes complete because there is complete satisfaction that nothing because more important than that. The heart is filled with joy and content. It is surprising that for some people finding love is almost instantaneous while for others it may take days, months or even years to find the right person who will stay all life long with the partner. Here is a collection of quotes on finding love read them they are interesting.