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Meaning: don't starve yourself it is the worse thing to do, trust me i used to do that all the time but now that i am a model i just work out and watch whati eat and go on diets
Meaning: thanks i do modeling now thank fuk i eat heaps yet i don't gain anything
Meaning: :3
Meaning: hell yeah
Meaning: its true to me lol
Meaning: awe cutye
Meaning: omg can I have them!!! they are soo cute!!!
Meaning: ok ^-^
Meaning: i wont beautiful, i promise ok
Meaning: awwwe thanks patience!!! i missed you heaps cutie!!!
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"live life while your young"
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heyy my name is crystal i like to sing, dance, horse riding, drawing, sports...well alot of things lol. i am a happy, cheeky, funny person and i am a caring person and i love to party and if you treat me badly well be prepared to get it back in don't judge me!! i love talking to people but i don't come on here often so feel free to email me at [email protected] thanks xxxx
Monday, September 16