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Quotes About Decision
Quotes about Decision
Saturday, July 20
Sense of humour is any human being’s ability to evoke laughter and amusement in some or the other way. Each one us responds to humour either by smiling or laughing. Hence, all of us are supposed to have a sense of humour. A good sense of humour adds to one’s personality. Someone with a good sense of humour can lighten a tense atmosphere or person. The degree to which we find a situation humorous depends on a variety of factors including culture, maturity, intelligence etc. Young children for example, find cartoons to be humorous. Adults only have the intelligence to understand satirical humour which children won’t be able to enjoy. In the words of Norman Wisdom, “I've always had a sense of humour, and I still do, so I just want to go on performing as long as I can. It's as simple as that.”