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Quotes About Dream Big
Quotes about Dream_Big
Sunday, December 8
Encouragement means support, confidence or hope provided to one, by a well-wisher. Encouragement becomes the driving force, which helps us climb the ladders of success or tread without falling on the path that leads to our destination. Encouragement helps to bring out the best in us, too. As human beings, all of us need encouragement to unlock our potential, especially at times, when we are feeling low or have lost all hope. When it comes to successful directors, Kevin Bacon had remarked that, “A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.” Critics correct things, suggest improvisation and demand correction of work. Criticising someone discourages him and discouragement breaks down the spirit of many people. In the words of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, “Correction does much but encouragement does more.”