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Quotes About End Of School Year
Quotes about End_Of_School_Year
Saturday, August 24
Ageing is not a choice of people, it is mandatory and so, you can just watch it happen to you silently but it is only the body that is ageing and not the mind. If you have the vigor to work, to be happy to entertain others and always feel enthusiastic, then ageing can never bother you. Ageing is the opportunity given to us to experience and cherish the pinnacle of wisdom, glory, maturity and grace. We sit in silence and think of all the good things that have happened around and to us, with satisfaction and to some extent, regret. You can as well enjoy the ageing if you are determined to do so. Doug Larson said, the ageing process has firmly gripped you if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. So, enjoy ageing process as it is also phase of life just like your childhood or youth.