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"∂σ not judge meh now or eva i єм мα ѕєℓƒ"
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iF u3w havE a prOblEm wD mEyH thEn gO tO ma wEbSitErnwww.iDuNCarE.cOm xD You don't always show itrn______________ but I know that you carern____________ If I'd ever need yourn___________ I know you'd be therern__________ You my friend... See Morern________ I'm glad you're myrnYour smile makes me smile rn__ Your pain makes me hurtrn____ I want you to knowrn______ If you need me. I'm therern_______ to make you happyrn_______ to make you laugh rn______ You Myrn______ Sometimes you make me madrn____
Monday, July 22