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Quotes About Fate
Quotes about Fate
Confused love is complicated love in which the people in love are not sure of a future together. Love can get confused because of a plethora of reasons. The underlying reasons, which are usually cited for confused love, are compatibility problems, lack of understanding between the couple, too many personality differences, ego problems, etc. None of the people who are involved in the relationship looks forward to a future with each other. This is primarily because they fail to resolve their differences and none of them wants to compromise on their thoughts, ideals, and principles. However, when you start seeing the signs of confusion and doubt in love, it is advised that you do not cling to the relationship and fight for it. Give up on something that is confusing for you and something that disrupts your state of mind. At times, you might walk out of the relationship yourself and sometimes, the other person might take the initiative. In either of the case, you should accept that the relationship had no future and the confused love ended it.