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Quotes About Getting Over Him
Quotes about Getting_Over_Him
Thursday, May 23
Getting over someone is forgetting someone who was once your significant other and played a pivotal role in your life. The other person was involved with you in all major decision making and you mostly shared all your little joys and sorrows with that person. Getting over such a person can be hard if you ever thought that the person was your soul-mate. Anyhow, for someone who takes relationships casually and believes in going with the flow, a failed relationship won't be a major heart-wrecking event. But the fact is that when a relationship fails, there is no use to cry over spilt milk and again slip into old habits by calling your ex and trying to reach out to him/her. You are bound to get more hurt in the process and lose your self-respect if the other person does not even respond to your call. Better take a clean break, learn from your failed relationship and start afresh.