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Quotes About Getting Over Someone
Quotes about Getting_Over_Someone
In order to move on in our lives we must be able to forgive and forget. We must forgive, for we ourselves are not perfect, and those who commit wrongs against us, whether they meant to do so purposely or in matters of blatant coincidence, we must remember that they are only human, and will always have the capacity to let us down. We must also be willing to forget, whether forgetting means forgetting the relationship that we shared with this person, or whether forgetting means forgetting the wrongs that were committed against us, we must be willing to forget. Even though to forgive and forget may not seem as easy of an option than it would be to just hate, and act upon our anger towards a person or group of people, we have to realize that the most rewarding option for our hearts would be to just forgive those who commit wrongs against us, and to forget that they existed, or try to forget and move past their trespasses against us.