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Quotes About Got A Problem
Quotes about Got_A_Problem
Saturday, December 14
Face book provides all its users with a platform to speak their mind. Face book users can share their thoughts, views and opinions with other members, whom they have added as their friend. The best part about face book status is it can vary as per the mood of the face book user. He or she can express his or her joy, happiness, grief, sorrow or any kind of feeling or emotion that is currently being felt. Face book status is just a means by which all the face book users indicate their “Status Quo” or their present state of affairs to all their friends and connected users. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Status quo, you know, is Latin for 'the mess we're in'.” Face book status is one attractive feature of face book. If any friend likes your face book status, then he or she can express his appreciation for the status by using the “like option”.