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Meaning: I'm poking you with a straw right now, then ;)
Meaning: Haha you most definitely qualify ;)
Quote: I had a brother he was in a gang but decided to change. He never went back to the gang so they were looking for him to kill him. He found out about this and our whole family moved including me. After our 3 months of living in the new house we got used to it and all of us made new friends. So I woke up one day and I noticed that I didn't have my 5 dollars on the counter no more and I asked my brother and he said that he had gotten it and bought a soda and chips with that money when he was going going to the club last night . But said he would pay me back as soon as possible . I didn't agree because he went in my room and got it and I told him to not ever go in my room again and the argument got bigger up to the point were i told him I hate you I hope you die this words make him feel low and told my mom he would go to the park with some friends . She let him... not knowing that it would change our life forever . One of the gang members happened to pass by and saw that he was at the park, he picked up some friends and went to go shoot at them . They got him 2 times. Someone close by saw the action And got there license plate. He also called the ambulance and they came and took him to the hospital they did what they could and they called us and said to come over to give them our goodbyes . Everyone was screaming and crying . We went and my mom was yelling at him telling him to open his eyes and not leave us. I also told him I was sorry and I didn't mean what I said . After seconds he opened his eyes . And the doctors started putting machines on him and stuff . Thank god everything came out ok and he is still here with us . Moral : don't let your anger get the best of you and start talking crazy and saying things you don't mean because you might regret it in minutes, seconds, hours, or days . Or maybe you will just hurt the other person with words.
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Meaning: That almost made me start crying.. Oh my gosh I am so sorry. That is a wonderful moral!
Meaning: People can change..
Meaning: That is just.. wow... that is deep...
Meaning: Such a cute romance thing full of fear and not much courage as to speak to the loved one...
Meaning: Motivation can be found anywhere :) :)
Meaning: Its quite true. Some people can completely forget why they dislike someone so much because they forgot the event, but not the feeling it left behind...
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