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Meaning: Keep him safe, alright? :) You found an awesome guy, and he found an awesome girl. Support him and be there with him, don't get mad at him unless he does something really bad, which he won't. Keep that connection, and keep him. ;)
Meaning: *just sweet and amazing, she is so so much more"
Meaning: That was a few days ago.. "Nothing better than finding that sweet, oh so amazing, unique, special, different girl than all the others. Dang she is so amazing." "Drew did you ask her out or not?" "Almost.." "A sweet, amazing girl with an awesome guy? Perfect couple Drew." "Hehe she's more than just*
Meaning: *Wonderful, all of that. I'm no match" "Yes you are Drew, ninety percent of the girls dream to be yours. Go for it" and so on
Meaning: "Hey Amber?" "Yeah?" "You know Kinzz?" "Off of SearchQuotes? Yeah" "Gah she is so amazing. She's just.. Different.. And I like that about her." "You crushin' on her Drew? ;)" "May the truth be told, but dearest Amber." "Haha go and get her then!" "Gah I duno. She's so sweet, amazing, caring,*
Meaning: Hehe cute stuff ;) random, but cute
Meaning: Hahah of course he does ;) and he also accidentally dials my number a lot ahahah he does some weird things(well not really, but he says) when he is alone... And he also is REALLY good at playing his guitar and singing when he thinks nobody is listening.... ANYWAYS, he should be on soon :)
Meaning: Anything for you ;) I mean, if Drew likes you, then I probably ought to get along with you hahaha ;) But I mean from what he has said about you, you seem pretty cool :)
Meaning: Hehe he has been babysitting.. Imma tell him to get on :)
Meaning: That will mean a ton to him, really. Goll that's just adorable XD
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