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Meaning: Hahahahaha Retarded Einstein, eh?
Meaning: Hahahahaha that's a brilliant idea! Hahaha yeahhhh we can be pretty retarted sometimes haha
Meaning: Hahahahahahaha I haven't thought about that yet! D:
Meaning: Hahahahahahaha oh my gosh Leila that just made me laugh so freaking hard xD hahaha
Meaning: Hahaha then make a desk and window in your main homeschooling room xD I hope you and your long distance relationship future boyfriend are doing great hehe
Meaning: Insane and clueless as to what you are talking about. I swear he doesn't. I would bet my life on it. I really doubt he does.
Meaning: You're crazy. You are one hundred percent insane. PERIOD!
Meaning: It's like a best friend kind of random -_- and I don't trust it -_- hahaha
Meaning: You're so random -_- too random.. In a way that only two know...
Meaning: Hmm unique, huh? Thanks :) :)
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