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Quotes About Humility
Quotes about Humility
Wednesday, June 19
Dishonor implies a state of shame or disgrace. Dishonor is the quality of lacking honor and integrity. Someone who is worth dishonoring is dishonorable. When you dishonor someone, you are disrespect that person. Others often dishonor people who are dishonest, unscrupulous and are not leading a life of principles. Dishonor is something, which one has to face if one does something against the society’s norms and violates them. As individuals, we have to take accountability for our actions and if we do something against the society’s moral code of conduct, we are bound to face serious repercussions in terms of dishonor, disrespect and even boycott in extreme cases. For a woman, dishonor is worse than death. A woman has to maintain a clean image in the society and cannot violate any social norms and act against them. Dishonorable deeds will get you dishonor and disrepute from the society.