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Quotes About Life Lesson
Quotes about Life_Lesson
Wednesday, August 21
Words of wisdom refer to a sound advice which helps one to determine what is right in the true sense of the word. People encounter or develop wisdom when they come off age through invaluable knowledge and experiences in life. It is said that wisdom often comes with age and is found only in the truth. Wisdom comes from within one’s conscience and is best developed when practiced. However, wisdom is something really difficult to attain and define. In times of crisis, words of wisdom are like gold and silver or even more precious and of course priceless. They aid us to exhibit characteristics worthy of an individual with wit, someone who we can easily discern what is right and wrong and act accordingly. The famous quotes and proverbs said by ancient scholars and famous personalities are often referred to as words of wisdom. Words of wisdom help prevent from going astray and in sticking to our cause.