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Quotes About Living
Quotes about Living
Tuesday, July 23
Life is what you make it. Life gets complicated when you take it too seriously and are bogged down by challenges that come their way. Complicated life is self-created and you can make your life happening by staying upbeat all the time. Life is beautiful and "complicated life" is just a farce. Man is the creator and destroyer of his own life. Man is responsible for scripting his own destiny. One should try not to make things difficult and take things lightly in life along with maintaining a sense of gratitude for all that we are blessed with. Having a life is a big blessing in itself. Complicated life can be simplified by going with the flow and accepting whatever happens to us, taking it in our stride, and moving on. Let go of things and negative feelings like anger, jealousy, and frustration. Treat your heart like a garden, plant the seeds of faith, hope, and love in the same. Complicated life will simplify tremendously if you learn from your mistakes and learn to face life's challenges valiantly.