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Quotes About Losing
Quotes about Losing
Sunday, June 16
A sad breakup is a split between two individuals who were before tied together in some sort of covenant to each other. Everyone that experiences a breakup experiences different kinds of breakups due to the uniqueness of every relationship. Sometimes a breakup is mutual and is a sort of happy breakup in which both parties know that they are doing the right thing to end their relationship, and that they will both be happy when they are apart. A sad breakup seems to be the opposite of a happy breakup. Sad breakups may leave one party sad that is experiencing the breakup, and maybe both parties. Sad breakups can leave someone who is experiencing it with a bad taste in their mouth, and may discourage a person from entering into another relationship for a long time. Sad breakups are sad, they hurt emotionally, and spiritually, and not only leave people sad, but leave people with less confidence in themselves and with less confidence in love.