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Quotes About Love Hate
Quotes about Love_Hate
Sunday, August 25
In the life we live on a daily basis we have to make a choice in whether we want to live life as someone whom we are not, or if we want to dedicate our life as many call "Being Myself." Being myself has always been a challenge, since I don't do many things that are stereotypically seen as normal, people outside of my race religion and culture, as well as people within these areas tend to look at me as a different breed, as an abnormal person. Most people have a tendency of wanting to satisfy others and wanting others to befriend and like them, so they choose to live life as a person who isn't true to who they really are in order to appease others. In order to avoid this one must take a stand, and make a pledge saying that "I pledge to live my life being only myself. I will never falter, and I will never conform, I will only strive for excellence, and live a life full of courage, determination, and integrity."