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Quotes About Love Hate
Quotes about Love_Hate
Sunday, August 18
Disappointed love is love, which causes disappointment and ends in heartbreak. Disappointed love causes a lot of pain and facing those break-ups is never easy. When the couple decides to part, their own ways is nothing but the aftermath of disappointed love. It causes a lot of pain initially, especially when you are trying to come to terms with the fact that you have broken up with your ex and that your ex has no more a stake in your life. Disappointed love and a simultaneous break-up causes a lot of pain and wrecks your mental and emotional balance initially because you face a lot of emptiness in life. However, you have to move on and eventually you realize that it is not worth to give up on enjoying your life just because of a dysfunctional relationship. You deserve better than crying and suffering for anyone. When you realize all this and overcome disappointed love, you become more wise and mature.