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Quotes About Mathematics
Quotes about Mathematics
Saturday, May 25
Adversity can be turned into opportunities if only there is a determination to do it. As one quote says adversity has the tendency to bring out the latent talents which would have otherwise remained dormant in prosperous circumstances. It is a thin line between people who make use of adversity and break records and those who breakdown due to adversity.

The various quotes on adversity give a good insight into the real meaning of the word and are an eye opener who feel that adversity is the cause of fate and has turned down their life upside down. Adversity can also be considered to be a catalyst that tries to bring out the best in you as you tend to come out of a crisis by giving out your full power and talent. It is also a self realization, a dawn of the fact and also a stimulus. It is a test of truth, honesty and the extent of your hard work.