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Quotes About Middle School Graduation
Quotes about Middle_School_Graduation
Friday, October 19
High School is perhaps one of the most important juncture of our lives. It plays a crucial hand in shaping our personality in the teenage days. There is a lot to grasp and achieve at this stage both academically as well as ethically. Friends, classrooms, teachers, canteens, playgrounds etc. become an integral part of our lives. People have fond memories of this phase in their lives, memories to be cherished. So often, we look back down the memory lane and get reminiscent of the times when we were 'Leaving High School', we tend to get overwhelmed with nostalgia. Leaving High School is probably not the easiest thing to deal with for a teenager. We become so attached to our Alma Mater that we don't always feel like moving on and parting ways with it. However, it is nothing but inevitable as young students have to be promoted to the next level in their lives.