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Quotes About Moms
Quotes about Moms
Tuesday, October 16
A deadbeat mother is a mother who does not wish to provide financially for her children. A deadbeat mother is a financial defaulter who refrains from her parental duties. As a parent, one ought to provide for the child and take the responsibility of his or her upbringing. Shying away from your parental responsibilities is not healthy and not called for. Deadbeat mothers refrain from their parental duties and the caretaking and upbringing of their child and providing him the financial assistance for his education is not on their priority list. A deadbeat mother willfully refrains from her duties as a parent. Deadbeat mother is also used for a mother who is defaulting on her debts. The term “deadbeat” also pertains to a person who is exhausted or defeated. The term “Deadbeat” is also used to describe an instrument that has a damped needle that stops without an oscillation.