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Quotes About Negativity
Quotes about Negativity
Anti bullying is against the act of domineering, harassing, torturing and browbeating others to obtain something from them or to exploit their weakness. Anti-bullying activists are essential to avoid cases of bullying which are quite prevalent in society. Often at homes, the weaker sex or the woman is bullied and abused by their domineering husbands that result in household conflicts and many fights. At school and colleges, older or larger students often ridicule and bully those that are deamed weaker.Thus anti-bullying groups have formed to keep bullies and their bullying activities in check. Bullying and intimidating someone beyond a certain level can have a psychological impact on the person too. The person might get so harassed and tortured that he/she might even start suffering from some mental ailment. Hence, anti-bullying socialists are very important.