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Quotes About Negativity
Quotes about Negativity
Sunday, May 26
Bullying is the act of browbeating or intimidating someone weak or inferior to the point of submission, or to feel superior. Bullies are people who indulge in acts of either the physical or emotional abuse of others. Bullying is not the ethical way to interact with those who are weaker or lower in stature than you are. Bullies use the force of their stature or their physical prowess in the wrong way and end up intimidating people who cannot rebel or protect themselves. Bullying should not be tolerated and it must be brought to immediate attention. Rebellion against bullies is essential in order to put their bullying practice in check. the person who tolerates injustice and torture is doing nothing right by keeping silent and not reacting. Voicing your pain and suffering is essential at times to bring the bully to justice.