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Quotes About Negativity
Quotes about Negativity
Conflict occurs when there is a clash of thoughts, opinions or principles. When you enter into a strong disagreement with any person, then a verbal conflict ensues. Conflicts are generally long-lasting, making the people involved in a conflict, each other's foes. Conflict is also referred to as a long-lasting armed struggle or battle between any two people, forces, states or even nations. The more the number of people a conflict involves, the more devastating are its repercussions. It can lead to loss of several lives, too. In the words of Amos Oz, "A conflict begins and ends in the heart and minds of people, not in the hilltops." This suggests that the reason for a conflict originates in the mind as well as the heart of people involved in the conflict. Conflict can only be nipped in the bud, if the conflicting parties give up their differences and are ready to end their mutual fight.