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Quotes About New Years Resolutions
Quotes about New_Years_Resolutions
Tuesday, July 23
New Year's resolutions are something that all of make and plan to adhere to and realize in the upcoming New Year. Having goals and New Year resolutions is healthy. These are goals that we set up for the upcoming year. We plan to abide by these goals and stick to them religiously. Resolutions are a resolve that we make. The resolve needs to be firm, determined and practical. Do not set unpractical resolutions. You should always set SMART resolutions. SMART can be expanded as "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound." The probability of sticking to and realizing SMART resolutions is more than realizing impractical ones. So be clear while planning your New Year resolutions. Plan them with care and get ready to execute your New Year plans once the New Year starts. Determination and constant striving or persistence will get you closer to accomplishing your New Year resolutions.