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Tuesday, October 22
Mathematics, also known as arithmetic mainly involves calculations and the four basic operations used are addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition. While mathematics is a passion and obsession for some, it appears as a nightmare for others. Probably, Carl Sandburg felt very much when he said, “arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head ‘. But in the land of India, where zero was first invented, there were mathematics genius like Srinivas Ramanujan, whose findings and theories on mathematics are still a puzzle for experts to comprehend. Mathematics finds great use in almost all branches of science, geography, history, and literally, every branch of study. It is hard to imagine a life without mathematics because it is needed even in simple everyday calculation. As Sguder said, “the essence of mathematics is not to make simple thing complicated but to make complicated things simple”. It is the approach that matters, after all