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Quotes About Next To You
Quotes about Next_To_You
Wednesday, October 23
Restaurants are places where food, drinks and desserts are served to people, in return for money. Restaurants can be cheap as well as expensive. The expensive restaurants have great ambience and provide great service. Meals are served and eaten at the location or the premises of the restaurant itself. But, nowadays there are restaurants which provide home-delivery services, thereby catering to the needs of people who don’t feel like moving out of their homes to binge on some sumptuous delicacies. The origin of the modern restaurant dates back to the 18th century, whereas the precursors can be traced to the Roman times. Owner of a restaurant is called a restaurateur. Professional cooks who prepare food in an artistic fashion are called chefs. In the words of Michelle Obama, “Even if we give parents all the information they need and we improve school meals and build brand new supermarkets on every corner, none of that matters if when families step into a restaurant, they can't make a healthy choice.”