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Quotes About One Of A Kind
Quotes about One_Of_A_Kind
Monday, July 22
Imperfection refers to lack of perfection. Perfection comes with practice and lots of hard work. Imperfection at work is never considered good. In the words of Joseph Butler, “Both our senses and our passions are a supply to the imperfection of our nature; thus they show that we are such sort of creatures as to stand in need of those helps which higher orders of creatures do not.” The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become a fearless is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly - indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection. Hugh Laurie had once remarked, “As a real person, he wouldn't last a minute, would he? But drama is about imperfection. And we've moved away from the aspirational hero. We got tired of it, it was dull. If I was House's friend, I would hate it. How he so resolutely refuses to be happy or take the kind-hearted road. But we don't always like morally good people, do we?”