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Quotes About Parents
Quotes about Parents
Tuesday, August 20
Children are the messengers of god; they are a bundle of joy, fun, mischief, cute and interesting characters. A home without children is a place where there is no life or soul. When we hold their hands, they take us to heaven. The great trait that should be learned from children is that they forgive any great sin committed instantly and forget it. This is hard to practice by an adult and if this is done, there would be no problems on this earth and a better place to live in. The smile in a child’s face is worth all the pleasures in this world. The famous quotes on children are an eye opener to those who have not experienced it before. Send them to your friends or others who cherish and value children. You can really draw inspiration from children and there is limitless talent hidden in them to achieve great things if only the right opportunities are given.