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Love is an extremely powerful feeling that shouldn't be defined as pain. Yes, love hurts but hurt is not it's definition. Hurt people tend to hurt people. You should take a look at the reasons you replaced the word love with pain. Maybe your afraid. Fear of being alone or rejected can cause one to remain in pain by convincing themselves it's love. Once you figure out which it is you will be one step closer in feeling the true nature of love again

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"If you can't be honest then check your motives. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have."
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Everyday I ask God to help me take part in what he's doing and everyday he surprises me with a different way. I have had times in my life where I wasn't so sure about my future because I wasn't sure that I'd be able to overcome my circumstances. Until i hit a bottom that was sufficient enough for me to let go and allow Him to take over. I still have trouble from time to time but I have learned to trust the process with the guarantee that a blessing is to follow as long as my faith remains in HIM
Thursday, July 18