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Quotes About Seduction
Quotes about Seduction
Tuesday, June 18
A real man is an epitome of strength, valor, and courage. Man is supposed to be the physically stronger gender. But a real man is emotionally and psychologically strong too. A real man never lets emotions get the better of him and responsibly carries out his duties as the family’s caretaker and breadwinner. Frailty is the word linked with a woman while mental and physical toughness is linked with men. A real man is powerful and internally and keeps a lid on his emotions. A real man never gives in or succumbs when the tides are down. He fights all his life’s battles valiantly and never loses sight of his goal. Strength of character is what characterizes a real man and eventually, success does dance at his feet some day. A real man goes a long way to achieve his goals and ends up being an achiever and performer.