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Just give it time. Let her think about it for awhile. I mean what would you do if your best friend confesses to you? I guess she needs time to understand what she really wants. Even after a long wait, and she still doesn't talk just approach. I just think she needs time.


It depends on the situation...If someone was getting abused physically out in the public and I didn't say anything...I would've felt goddamn terrible that I didn't say anything, but If it was like a trashy comment I uttered out I would have no regrets. I think that says nothing and wishing you had is worse.


If you really like teaching I don't think that our opinion is needed. It's your life, if you focus on others opinion then you wouldn't be able to live a happy life. So this question shouldn't be regarded to us but to you.


You just have to try...some situations aren't meant to overcome. I mean I still haven't overcome the fact that Donald Trump is president, but if its something like a relationship you gotta understand that if it ended, it wasn't supposed to work out.

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