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Quotes About Superiority
Quotes about Superiority
Creation at first relates to god who created this universe but in the present context, creation is everywhere in the work of art, music, poetry, and so on. Creation is imminent and inevitable. To destroy is easier than to create but creation is essential for survival. “Ideas are the root of creation”, said Ernest Dimnet. But in every creation, there should be a meaning; otherwise it becomes null and void. “A creation needs not only subjectivity but also objectivity” are the words of Stephen Chow. The beginning is the difficult part in creation and once this hurdle is got over, the rest becomes easy. First, the idea should be perceived in order to attain perfection in creation. Though god created man, now man is in a position to create lot of things but nature is the ultimate creator and destroyer. Here are numerous quotes on creation which you can read and think over