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Quotes About Teamwork
Quotes about Teamwork
Monday, July 15
Business is everywhere, at home, in office, in parties even in entertainment like movies. Any small thing that is sold or bought is business. To become successful in business, it needs a lot of effort, little money, and a little bit of luck. B.C Forbes says, “Business is like an automobile it has to be driven in order to get results”. A certain amount of friendship, loyalty and trust are also essential for business to last forever. Small business are the backbone of a country’s economy and as such, every government is keen to promote and give due importance to big as well as small businesses. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “drive thy business or it will drive thee” It cannot be said that every person who enters into business emerges successful but the best business man is the one who takes along the same ingredients as others but produces the best results. Read these quotes on business and get an insight into it.