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Quotes About Worried
Quotes about Worried
Tuesday, November 19
To cherish means to savor. Moments that we cherish are moments that bring a smile on our countenance when we look down the memory lane. All happy moments are cherished later. It is the sad and the bitter moments which we wish to forget soon and never recollect later. One should always cherish what one has got in life. It is important to show a sense of gratitude for all that you have in life. When you learn to cherish and savor the small things in life then you stay happy and do not crave for things needlessly. So learn to cherish everything in life, all that comes your way. Take everything in your stride and try sustaining your calm and composure in times of adversity. The more you cherish the things that you have, the more life will bring to you. So live in the moment, cherish it and savor it.