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Quotes About Worried
Quotes about Worried
Tuesday, December 10
Drinking is a vice or a bad habit. Drinking is basically consumption of liquor or alcohol, may indicate consumption of water or even other beverages. Drinking alcohol in excess ruins your health. Drinking excessively also leaves a person intoxicated, when he or she loses control of the senses. In the words of Desi A. Snaz, “Drinking intensifies all your pressures and needs.” Some people resort to drinking, because of extreme unhappiness and despair. Some people do drink on an occasional basis, like at parties, marriages or in celebrations. Drinking once in a blue moon is not harmful. For the mere reason of celebration, you can afford drinking with friends and relatives. In the words of Artie Lanze, “A weekend in Vegas without gambling and drinking is just like being a born-again Christian.” Don’t indulge in drinking on a regular basis, otherwise the alcohol will make you hollow from within.