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Quotes About Your Own Business
Quotes about Your_Own_Business
Monday, December 16
Telling someone “I am done with you” is sometimes an easy but yet sometimes a very difficult task to accomplish. When we tell someone that we are done with them, we are essentially saying that we are ending the relationship that we once had with them, and that we are cutting off all ties that we may have to this person. Telling someone the words “I’m done with you” can be very hurtful to their feelings so one should be careful to only say this when they mean it. Though sometimes hurtful, being done with a person is sometimes beneficial and even necessary in order for a person to be able to do the things in life that their heart is telling them to do. If there is someone in your life that is prohibiting your growth, distracting you from your goals, and trying to deflate the hope that you have in yourself, than it is more than likely time that you tell them “I’m done with you!”