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Quotes About Your Own Business
Quotes about Your_Own_Business
Wednesday, November 13
The words Leave Me Alone together as they are defined literally mean to tell someone to leave the area that a person may be in order for said person to be alone, or by their self. When we tell someone “leave me alone” as a figure of speech we are telling them in essence that we have had enough of their company and even though we may not want to be by ourselves, we would prefer to enjoy the rest of our time without their company. Leave me alone is also used as a figure of speech to tell someone who may be picking on, or making fun of that your feelings may be hurt and that you would rather for them to just leave your site in order to not be picked on anymore. Leave me alone was also the name of a song sung by Michael Jackson and featured on his 7th studio Album named Bad. The song was written and composed by Michael Jackson and it was produced by Quincy Jones.