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Quotes About Your Own Business
Quotes about Your_Own_Business
Saturday, December 14
Rumors are nothing but wild gossip. Rumors are a mixture of truth and untruth. Rumor or hearsay is gossip that is passed around by word of mouth. Rumor-mongers are person who indulge in gossiping about others and in divulging information. Rumor mill is a group of rumor-mongers who originate and promulgate gossip and unsubstantiated claims. Creating rumors and spreading them is also what we call as "grapevine". To hear something through the grapevine is to learn something informally and unofficially by means of gossip and rumor. All of us fall prey to rumors and gossips, sometime or the other in life. But we should keep our head held high and walk with dignity even if some rumors are being promulgated about us. But one should refrain from spending one's time in gossiping and spreading rumors about someone else. Being a rumor-monger is the most indecent way to kill time which is money.